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~ New tourist destination starts in Elgin County! 2009-05-25 - Press Release

Press Release, May 25, 2009

New tourist destination starts in Elgin County!

LAVENDER SENSE™ is a new lavender farm which will start its operation this July with an exciting opportunity to ‘pick-your-own’ lavender. The owners and operators, Jesper & Pamela Andersen have begun the development of their picturesque property to offer the local community and tourists fresh picked lavender, lavender products and more.

Planting at Lavender Sense, Spring 2009

The first planting of some 4,000 plants of the Grosso and Province varieties has been completed. These classic varieties are amongst the most widely grown in Provence, France. As the plants were carefully nurtured in greenhouses for nearly 24 months they have surpassed their early ‘growing pains’ and as a result will be ready for pick-your-own already this summer. “We expect to offer the local community and tourists from anywhere the experience of walking our beautiful fields while picking lavender at their own pace sometime in July” says Jesper.

The lavender business in Canada is still relatively new and not unlike the wine business was some 30-35 years ago. Lavender farms exist in practically all provinces yet the climate we enjoy here in the most southern part of Canada near Lake Erie is ideal for Lavender Sense to grow these wonderful and adaptable flowers.

The history of lavender dates back well over 3000 years and is believed to have its origins in Middle East and India. Lavender is known for its pleasant even seductive fragrance and its healing and relaxing properties. The Romans were wildly lavish with fragrances using lavender oils abundantly to scent their bodies, hair, clothes and beds. Also, lavender oils were used extensively in their bathing and massage rituals as it was thought to restore the skin to a healthy glow and complexion.

A dab of lavender oil on cuts and insect bites assists the healing process by its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic qualities and the oil is widely used in aromatherapy as a migraine and headache reliever, a de-stressor and a relaxant. Lavender lends a floral, slightly sweet, and elegant flavour to most dishes. French chefs have used the herb for centuries in a wide spectrum of their recipes. It’s the dried buds, also referred to as flowers that are used in cooking as they contain the essential oil which is where both the scent and flavour of lavender are best derived.

Lavender Sense will serve the public with a start-up assortment of personal care, aromatherapy products, scented soy candles and culinary lavender among others. “Our products are made with the same oils as the plants we grow here near Wallacetown. While we can not yet produce our own oils on site we have sourced our products from discriminate and quality conscious suppliers. Our personal care products contain no SLS, parabens or petrochemicals and we are confident the public will appreciate the quality and the value for money. Lavender Sense offers ‘100% satisfaction or your money back’ – as we grow our business it’s the only way to demonstrate our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction”, adds Jesper.

A view of the fields at Lavender Sense, Wallacetown, Ontario

The pick-your-own lavender experience will cost $8 per bundle and the Lavender Sense products generally range from about $10 to $38. Visitors will also be able to browse and purchase gifts and keepsakes in Pamela’s angel shop. Pamela and Jesper have named their property ‘Angels Welcome’. The beautifully restored and expanded century old farmstead is nestled near Lake Erie just 10 minutes from highway 401 and a few minutes from Highway 3 - the popular Talbot Trail tourist route. Angels Welcome is also a guest retreat with a few rooms available for a night or longer stays with breakfast served and other meals as arranged with the proprietors. The exquisite grounds include 25 acres of trailed forest for the more adventurous and fit visitors.

Pamela and Jesper plan to let Angels Welcome and Lavender Sense evolve to a greater tourist destination with guided tours, lavender education, amazing shopping and more. So stay tuned as this new business launches and mark your calendar to pay them a visit this summer. For specific details of when the fields are ready for picking and for directions please visit www.lavendersense.com. The business will be open from Thursday to Saturday 10 am to 5 pm and 12:00 noon to 5 pm on Sundays. The first day open will be Wednesday, July 1 (Canada Day) and will close for the season on Labor Day, Monday September 7. It will also be open on August 3 for the Ontario Civic Holiday.

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