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~ Welcome to Lavender Sense

Welcome to LAVENDER SENSE of JOY™ affectionately known as just LAVENDER SENSE.

Year on year we have grown the business and the 2013 season turned out to be our best ever! We welcomed more visitors than any other season since we opened in 2009. We continued welcoming many familiar and loyal visitors and even more new visitors from near and afar.

The 2013 season will be our last season operating the lavender farm near Wallacetown. The eminent arrival of wind turbines to the neighborhood, a move we consider detrimental to the tourism business among other issues, was instrumental in our decision to sell the farm and move on.

We had five exceptional years on the farm and we made many friendships. Whether you came to see the beautiful lavender field, to pick-your-own lavender, to shop in our Boutique, enjoy a forest walk or came for a relaxing stay at our Bed & Breakfast Retreat - we sincerely hope you left with positive and fond memories of LAVENDER SENSE.

Our love for lavender will never cease, so LAVENDER SENSE of JOY™ will indeed continue in some form or another. As we make our considerations and sort out how we move forward with LAVENDER SENSE, we will focus on our other business ventures.

We will miss our guests and visitors and not least the many individuals in the community, neighbors, representatives of the municipal office and our amazing suppliers who all supported us in numerous, invaluable ways. We thank you all!

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To gain some insight into lavender - click ‘About Lavender’.

Nourishing Face Crème

Nourishing Face Crème from Lavender Sense

Nourishing Face Crème contains hemp extracts, essential lavender oil and Omega 3 to help skin relax and rejuvenate for a fresh and supple skin feeling.

$ 17.50

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To make you feel and look great ...

To make you feel
and look great ...

To calm and relax you ...

To calm and relax you ...

Explore and discover the tastes of Lavender ...

Explore and discover the tastes of Lavender ...

Experience the alluring scents of Lavender ...

Experience the alluring
scents of Lavender ...

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